What is a Force?

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Force: A force is a push or a pull. Forces are measured in Newtons. Did you know that forces only exist when objects interact? It is true.


A force can change the energy of an object. Whenever two objects touch, forces are involved. In fact according to Newton’s Third Law, the bat and the ball will push against each other with equal forces.

The UCSB baseball team lost its Big West season opening series to Irvine at Caesar Uyesaka Stadium. The Gauchos won the first game on Friday before the Anteaters won the next two.



A force can cause acceleration, a change in direction or deceleration. A force is NOT required to keep an object in motion.


Examples of Some Forces

The Following Are NOT FORCES

Some Contact Forces

Some Forces that act at a distance


Friction opposes motion.



Drag (air resistance)



Weight (weight = mass x gravity)



Centripetal Force



Thrust (A spinning propeller moves a plane)







Force, Momentum and Newton’s 3rd Law movie.




What is a Force?

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